Ann Arbor Michigan Pinball Show 2021

People are asking about the Ann Arbor VFW show and the Corona virus. We did “mini shows” in September/October 2020 over several consecutive weekends to accommodate reservation holders from January 2020 (and to keep show numbers low to protect everyone.) We do not want to do that again, as it was considerable work setting up and manning a show over many weekends. So to answer the question… when is the 2021 Ann Arbor pinball show? We do not know exactly just yet. Typically it would be the last weekend in April. Our guess is the 2021 Ann Arbor pinball show will be October 2nd and 3rd, 2021. That’s what we are shooting for! But we can’t formally confirm the date until things are more clear in regards to the Corona virus.

Also for the 2021 show we will *require* attendees to be vaccinated against Covid19, and you will have to be able to prove it at the door. The VFW staff is currently 100% vaccinated, and we will require guests to be vaccinated too. This include *everyone* with no exceptions, not even kids. We want a safe show, for both attendees and staff. So get your vaccination at least two weeks prior to the show date (and bring your vaccination card) if you want to attend.

In addition for the 2021 show, we will be reducing the total number of tickets sold by a fair percentage. We always strived for a 1 to 1 ratio of games to people… but with the virus, the people number will be greatly reduced from 2019 show numbers. Good for attendees… if there was a line on a game before, pretty much for sure that won’t exist for 2021! But the bad news is, when ticket reservations go live (via the web page), you should probably get yours ASAP. Otherwise you may miss out on the 2021 show. Note we have not announced a ticket reservation date… stay tuned!