Show Tickets

TICKET RESERVATIONS for the Ann Arbor pinball museum’s pinball mini-show 2019 does require an advanced ticket reservation before the show. (Depending on the number of reservations made, there may or may not be tickets at the door.) This ensures that we have workable attendance numbers, and that we know ahead exactly what those numbers are. This way the show won’t be too crowded. Because an over crowded event is no fun for anyone. We want a nice people-to-game ratio as this ensures a good time for all. Hence each and every person attending does need a ticket reservation in order to attend, and preferably in advance of the show. This web page will allow you to get an advance ticket reservation using Paypal starting in January 2019. Remember in prior years we have sold out several weeks in advance, so don’t hesitate to get your show ticket reservation.

2019 Pinball Show Day & Times
This is our sixth showcase, and below are the following days and times.
– Friday May 3rd, 2019, 4pm to 10pm
– Saturday May 4th, 2019, 10am to 8pm
– Sunday May 5th, 2019, 10am to 4pm

NOTE that there are expanded hours if you play in the tournaments, since these do not overlap with the show times. The tournaments are low-key, low stress, completely fun and goofy head-to-head (“match play”) style tournaments with a fixed low cost.

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