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The 2023 Ann Arbor FALL VFW Pinball Show has been announced. Remember we are the LARGEST PINBALL SHOW IN THE WORLD with over 500+ working restored pingames for you to play!!

TICKET RESERVATIONS for the Ann Arbor pinball museum’s pinball FALL 2023 show does require an advanced ticket reservation before the show. (Depending on the number of reservations made, there may or may not be tickets at the door.) This ensures that we have workable attendance numbers, and that we know ahead exactly what those numbers are. This way the show won’t be too crowded. We want a nice people-to-game ratio as this ensures a good time for all. Hence each and every person attending does need a ticket reservation in order to attend, and preferably in advance of the show. This web page will allow you to get an advance ticket reservation using Paypal. Remember in prior years we have sold out several weeks in advance, so don’t hesitate to get your show ticket reservation. At the door, the remainder of your ticket price must be paid in cash.

2023 FALL Pinball Show Day & Times
– Show: Saturday September 30th, 2023, 9am to 5pm.
– IFPA Tournament: Sunday October 1st, 2023, 9am to approximately 4pm

Please print and save your paypal receipt!
Though not absolutely necessary, it helps the check in process at the door. It is ideal to show your receipt at the door and pay your remainder ticket price, in order to get a wristband for the show. Have photo ID with you too (this prevents the same receipt being re-used by multiple people.) If you loose your Paypal receipt that’s OK too, it just makes check-in a bit longer.

If you are buying a ticket reservation for someone else, please indicate their name in the Paypal in the “Add special instructions” section of the Paypal order.

Ticket reservation sales are FINAL (not refundable). Please make sure you purchase the *correct* day (Saturday or Sunday).

Saturday September 30th, 2023 Ann Arbor Pinball Show

Saturday ticket reservation is $1, and the total Saturday cost is $81. But remember, the balance of the ticket must be paid at the door upon entrance.

Saturday Additional Reservation Names:

Sunday October 1st, 2023 VFW IFPA Pinball Tournament

IFPA sanctioned, Max Matchplay Head to Head for 14 to 16 rounds (depending on number of people entered.) After the qualifying, the top 8 to 16 (again depending on number of number of people entered) will make the playoffs. Playoff will be head to head best of three. Significant ties broken in one game playoff on random game, random order. In the finals the top seed picks game or order with the loser picking the following game (1-0 scoring). Once you pick a game you cannot pick it again during any round of the finals. Total cost is $51 USD and all games will be on freeplay (no quarters needed). Secure your spot by prepaying $1 in advance below, with $50 cash due at the door. Please include the IFPA player number of everyone you are buying tickets for in the comments. If you don’t have an IFPA number please include your first and last name, as you would like it to appear in the IFPA rankings. There will also be a $25 optional side pot. Please note this event will take place in the building known as “The Marv” at Vintage Flipper World with about 150 games ranging from EMs to modern DMD (the mix of solidstate pinballs to EMs is about 50/50.) The main building IS NOT open during the tournament. Lunch IS provided. Event expected to end by 4PM. Payouts to those who buy into the side pot, will go to the top 8 finishers (1st-30%, 2nd-25%, 3rd-15%, 4th-10%, 5th-8th-5%.) Remember the balance of the ticket must be paid in cash at the door upon entry to the tournament.

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