Reviews of the Ann Arbor Michigan Pinball Show

The reviews are in from the May Ann Arbor pinball show case (the one weekend a year that the Museum is open to the public), and it was an over whelming success! We had plenty of email comments, like this one:

“Last weekend was amazing. You have what I can only refer to as The Literal HEAVEN of Pinball. The collection is jaw dropping, but the greatest asset of your operation is the quality that those games are kept. I have never played pinball games that have felt brand new before. I finished three games last Saturday and it’s not because I’m that good, it’s because I’ve never played on games this crisp. Thank You for that opportunity.”

Also there were some pinball blog reviews too: Ann Arbor Showcase review on There was a comment to that review too: “My 13 and 11 year old Sons were in tow, along with my “pinball Wizard” Italian buddy who always kicks my butt on my three machines, and his 8 yr old. This place BLEW our minds !! I have been to the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas at least four times and while I wouldn’t take anything away from them, THIS showcase was amazing! The collection of machines is better than PHOF and better organized, and the machines were in better overall condition.”

On pinball forums like there were comments too. Everyone seemed very happy with the showcase and thought it was a great time:

“Biggest and best show confirmed!”


“I just got home from the event. Oh, my effing God! The place has more games in excellent playable shape than any show I’ve been at. The space is open and people were polite. There were approximately 15-20 volunteers all in Ann Arbor Pinball Museum t-shirts who were kept the show running smoothly and the games going non-stop. A really nice touch was handing out posters to the attendees. I appreciate Chicago, Detroit MPE, Pinball at the Zoo, MGC, etc., but if you are going to an event to play pinball, this is by far the best experience I’ve had.


“Seriously one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. Amazing job everyone that helped make everything work out so well. Everyone was so nice, the atmosphere was perfect. Every game I played was in excellent shape. I barely scratched the surface. Not a frown to be found. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow. It was pretty much like being in a pinball dreamland. I’m still slapping myself trying to wake up… It’s one of my ultimate fantasy places come true. If you love pinball and you are within driving distance, do not miss out!”


“Best show in Michigan by far and every machine was working. Imagine that! Thanks for a great pinball playing experience for my wife and I, we highly recommend going to this show.”


“Amazing show. Amazing venue. Amazing people. What a blast! Thanks to everyone who helped make this all possible. We are all extremely grateful for such a rare opportunity. I felt like a kid again while I was there. I haven’t had that feeling in ages and I miss it. Almost wanted to shed a tear or two from having such a good time.”


“Me and my wife spent the entire day there yesterday and I have to say this is by far the best Pinball experience anybody could have, this event puts MPE to shame. Every game there was in immaculate condition, I was there all day and I didn’t see one machine broken. The limited ticket sales was a great idea on their part. We could walk up to any machine and play.”

We at the Ann Arbor pinball showcase want to thank everyone for their generous support! And we hope you all can come visit again in 2015 for our next showcase.