VFW Pinball Museum Game Pictures
1999 Bally Revenge from Mars pinball machine
Building Location: Main_C3
Game Type = SS

The 1999 Bally/Williams Revenge from Mars uses the Pinball 2000 game format. That is, there is a video monitor angled at the playfield, and through reflective glass, holographic characters appear on the playfield. As the ball travels through the holograms, it hits a switch behind it. Then the game displays an explosion on the screen via the video monitor. Pretty cool stuff! It was for sure the future of pinball, but the execs at Williams wanted nothing more to do with pinball, and closed the pinball division (then only making slot machines.) The end of an era for pinball unfortunately. They made 6878 of these machines, which was a production number not seen in pinball since the early 1990s.

This is the actual game at the VFW Pinball Museum. Any questions regardling this game, or any games for sale, please email the VFW Pinball Museum at

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