VFW Pinball Museum Game Pictures
1986 Gottlieb Genesis pinball machine
Building Location: Herm_W2
Game Type = SS

The 1986 Gottlieb Genesis is a rather strange game, even by Gottlueb system80b standards. The game was rumored to be based on the 1927 German film Metropolis (which many consider to be the first science fiction film.) But for some reason the pinball was changed to "Genesis", with the photo backglass artwork with a midget. This particular Genesis however has been re-skinned to reflect the Metropolis theme, with a new backglass and cabinet artwork. Also the original pinkish/purple ramps have been replaced with new clear ramps (which gives the game a much more open and inviting look.)

This is the actual game at the VFW Pinball Museum. Any questions regardling this game, or any games for sale, please email the VFW Pinball Museum at

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