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1982 Bally BMX pinball machine
Building Location: Main_C4
Game Type = SS

The 1982 Bally BMX pinball is a rather rare model, which we proudly have at the Ann Arbor Michigan pinball museum. With only 400 units made, this isn't a game you'll see very often. It's a really neat game, with a lot of features not seen on other games of this era. For example, there are two playfields (upper and lower). And on the upper playfield, there's a magnet which is pulsed. This drags the ball away from the ramp (going to the lower playfield.) Also there is an additional set of flipper buttons which control right and left outlane 'save' guides. And there's also a bunch of drop targets. What's not to like? Note it is alledged that this game was meant to be an "ET" themed game, but Bally could not get the license. So the theme was changed to "BMX" bicycle racing. Note this game required extensive restoration. When it came to the museum, the playfield had half it's finish worn away, and it holds the award as the dirtiest game we've ever restored!

This is the actual game at the VFW Pinball Museum. Any questions regardling this game, or any games for sale, please email the VFW Pinball Museum at

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