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1962 Chicago Coin Champion Rifle Range (gun game) pinball machine
Building Location: Breezeway
Game Type = EM

The 1962 Chicago Coin Champion Rifle Range is a mix of a gun game and a pinball machine! Doesn't seem possible, but that's what it is. Each game is 5 balls, unlimited shots. As the game starts, a pinball rolls down a rail, and the player must shoot the ball off the rail to start the scoring. The pinball then enters the playfield, hitting the pop bumpers and slingshots for scoring. As the ball hits a bumper, the bumper value decreases. It's the player's job to shot the bumpers to turn their scoring back on! It's a hectic game of shooting, to keep ahead of the chaotic pinball. Sometimes things slow down though, like when the pinball goes into a kickout hole. Then the player must shoot the ball out of the hole, to start the frenzie again. When the ball drains off the playfield, another ball is delivered to the ball rail, ready to be shot and the chaos begins again! The Annn Arbor Pinball Musueum is happy to have this very unique game.

This is the actual game at the VFW Pinball Museum. Any questions regardling this game, or any games for sale, please email the VFW Pinball Museum at

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