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1957 Bally Carnival pinball machine
Building Location: Main_C2
Game Type = EM

The 1957 Bally Carnival was one of only three models of pinball machines made by Bally in the 1950s (Bally concentrated on gambling devices like Bingos during that time). The game has a couple very unique features. One is the arcing four flippers. When 'flipped', the flipper move normally, but also move in an arc. The other unique feature is the 'pussy snapper', in the center of the playfield. Spelling CARN will open the snapper. Putting the ball into the snapper will give the player the incremental bonus. Then the ball is ejected out of the snapper, to the point where it often hits the top glass! The 1957 Bally Carnival is a really rare game, and one that is hard to find in any sort of decent condition.

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