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1957 Bally Carnival pinball machine
Building Location: Main_C2
Game Type = EM

The 1957 Bally Circus was one of only three models of pinball machines made by Bally in the 1950s (Bally concentrated on gambling devices like Bingos during that time). The 1957 Bally Circus is basically a copy of the 1956 Bally Balls-a-Poppin. These two games have a very unique feature, in that it uses 9 balls! And YES you can be playing all 9 balls at once!! The idea is to increase the bonus ladder to the top, and then sink a ball into the center kick out hole. On the left side of the playfield, the game automatically kicks out up to four balls, and then kicks out the ball in the center hole. Do it again, and you have up to 9 balls on the playfield at once. Note this auto lauch multi-ball feature was 'stolen' for the 1981 Bally Centaur (though that game only goes to 5 balls at once).

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