VFW Pinball Museum Game Pictures
1951 Gottlieb Minstrel Man pinball machine
Building Location: Main_W1
Game Type = EM

The 1951 Gottlieb Minstrel Man is a pretty interesting woodrail game. Somewhat racial in theme, reflecting the times in the early 1950s we guess. The gentleman on the glass is black painted with big white lips, known as "blackface." on the playfield there are three blackface men that the balls hits, and the target drops, like an early version of drop target. This game is credited for that, though this form of drop target is a bit different than what most people associate with more modern drop targets. There were 1800 Gottlieb Minstrel Man games produced, which for the time, and a pretty high production number. This was a popular game.

This is the actual game at the VFW Pinball Museum. Any questions regardling this game, or any games for sale, please email the VFW Pinball Museum at

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