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The Games at Vfw.
These are the games (including pictures) that are at the VFW Pinball Museum. Click on a link to read more about the machines and see pictures. These games are available for play at our showcase.

Games labeled as 'SolidState' mean they have a computer CPU with chips and transistors and digital score displays that run the game logic. Games labeled as 'EM' mean they are Electro-Mechanical games that have no solidstate silicon components (all electro-mechanical relays and stepper units and turning dial score reels.) Solidstate games started showing up about 1978 (basically all pinballs before 1978 will be EM machines.)

The VFW Pinball Museum features both EM and Solidstate games, as they are all an important part of pinball history. The 1950s 'woodrail' pinballs are present (games with wooden side rails that hold the top glass), 1960s classic single player metalrail Gottlieb 'wedgeheads' (named for the wedge shape of the scorebox), multi-player EMs (prevelant in the 1970s and include classics 4-player EM games such as the 1971 Bally Fireball), and of course the 1978 and later solidstate pinballs.

Game list last updated: 05/08/24
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Report1: VFW Pinball Museum Game List, Alphabetic by Game Name:

Report2: VFW Pinball Museum Game List, Chronological by Name:

Total 1930s machines: 11
Total 1940s machines: 4
Total 1950s machines: 31
Total 1960s machines: 61
Total 1970s machines: 144
Total 1980s machines: 144
Total 1990s machines: 91
Total 20xxs machines: 37
Total EM machines: 207
Total Solidstate machines: 316
Total Video machines: 0
Total Machines (all types): 523

Game list last updated: 05/08/24
End of VFW Pinball Museum game list.

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