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1988 Zaccaria (Mr. Game) Fast Track pinball machine

The 1988 Zaccaria Mr.Game Fast Track was the first Mr. Game title. 'Mr. Game' is actually Zaccaria, after Zaccaria broke up. There is only ONE known example of this game, and it resides at the Ann Arbor pinball museum. This was the prototype to the Mr. Game Motor Show game (another rarity). The difference is Fast Track uses a conventional pinball cabinet and a 9 inch green screen monitor (Motorshow uses a 9" color monitor.) A very unique game and quite fun. Ahead of it's time, it was really only the second full size pinball machine to use a video monitor as it's score display.

This is the actual game at the Ann Arbor Michigan pinball museum. Any questions regardling this game, or any games for sale, please email the Ann Arbor Pinball Museum at

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