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1988 Stern/Pinstar Gamatron pinball machine

The 1985 Pinstar (Gary Stern) Gamatron was a conversion game. Basically you could take any Bally -35 game and with this kit, make it a Gamatron. The kit was sold with a plastic backglass (which we upgraded to glass), and a populated playfield. Also an add-on board was included that expanded the -35 Bally MPU to run the Gamatron software. Note about the software... it's the same as a Stern Flight 2000 !! There is no difference, except Gamatron does not talk. The playfield is also identical to Flight 2000, but in a normal (not wide body) playfield format. This is actually how Flight 2000 was supposed to be made and designed. Though Flight 2000 credits go to Harry Williams for design, the rumor is Steve Kirk actually did the game, and Harry stole the design. However Steve Kirk is credited for the Gamatron design.

This is the actual game at the Ann Arbor Michigan pinball museum. Any questions regardling this game, or any games for sale, please email the Ann Arbor Pinball Museum at

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