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1986 Grand Products Bullseye 301 pinball machine

The May 1986 Grand Products Bullseye 301. The theme of this game is darts, specifically "301". Meaning you're trying to get the exact score of "301". Playfield targets and kick out holes have certain values. When you get close to "301", certain targets have no value because you need to get *exactly* 301. When you get 301, a total 301 score is incremented, and you play for 301 again. Getting eight "301" games scores a replay.

This was a conversion from a Bally -17/-35. Only 150 of these were made, and it's the only pinball Grand Products manufactured. It uses a -35 MPU board with two custom 2732 EPROMs. Also uses 7 digit displays (though 6 digit could be used, but the spacing for the backglass does not work with 6 digit displays.) Uses a custom sound board too, and a custom light board (because the game uses way more CPU controlled lights than a typical Bally game.) Our particular example of Grand Products Bullseye 301 is in a Bally Supersonic cabinet, but in theory it could exist in any Bally cabinet 1978 to 1985.

This is the actual game at the Ann Arbor Michigan pinball museum. Any questions regardling this game, or any games for sale, please email the Ann Arbor Pinball Museum at

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