Monthly Archives: June 2019

In-Home Pinball Repair and Repair Classes at Museum

If you need in-home pinball repair, please send us an email to and we can help you with that. Rates are extremely reasonable. Actually you would be surprised how inexpensive professional in-home pinball repair can be.

At the Ann Arbor Pinball Museum we sometimes run pinball repair classes, though currently we are on hold for any more classes. The classes were mostly designed for those that help at the museum, but sometimes there’s room for others to attend. The class we’ve been running lately is “Introduction to Solid State Pinball Repair”, and is two hours long. We cap the class at 8 to 10 people max. It’s a hands-on class too. We show how to use a DMM (digital multi meter), how to solder, how to test electronic components, pinball repair do’s and don’ts, and most common pinball repairs.

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